Mesera cranes are easily tailored exactly to your requirements. To most models is available a tilting base, which improves the usability of the combination on uneven terrain. The constant pressure hydraulics and efficient boom geometry guarantees fast and accurate loading.

Mesera patented telescopic solutions represent the latest in new technology. In the range there are telescopes with both inside and exterior hoses. Also our inside hoses have been made of a large size, which ensures speed and low energy consumption. Our solution allows for quick hose replacement. External hoses are even easier to maintain, for over many decades they have proved to be a skilled workhorse. Our advantage is the wide range of products – from us you can find a crane for all your requirements.

Mesera`s decades of experience are reflected in the innovative details, durable structure and technology. From our extensive range, you will find the crane to suit every forwarder or the chipper and the tractor.



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Technical Specifications

For detailed information click on the values marked in red in the chart below (outreach – lifting capacity, kg): 
51 F730480400
59 F810590410410
71 F1080900
83 F1190980
92 F11601000780
111 F15701610134012501030940
122 F138012701040960950
142 F16501500127011501120